Freud and his HDB friends

Responding to this Sailer article:

That’s a little bit like Stevie Wonder talking about colors. Since hardly anyone of you has any real clue about what Freud had actually said this discussion will be unintentionally funny again. First of all, Freud’s “early” work is pretty brilliant, for the time he was working. He found out that an awful lot of his patients had repressed memories of sexual abuse. He was on a good track back then but as soon as he was revealing his findings to society he suddenly experienced vast resistance and then at some point backed down and came up with assigning those memories as “fantasies”. Austrian society did not want to hear about that a large portion of its members were victims and/or perpetrators of sexual abuse!

Secondly, psychoanalysis was actually the main opposition to blank slate behaviorism that you guys despise so much, until the 70s (and Konrad Lorenz, but modern sociobiologists and HDB people do not really like him, and Ardrey) – most psychoanalysts never denied inborn human differences. But most of you HDB guys are just as weird as blank slaters to me. You honestly think that childhood abuse, neglect and terror does not disturb you for life?

Thirdly, psychoanalysis is NOT dead and is now merged more and more with other forms of therapy. That there was too much dogma in the past is true, but there is certainly a lot of truth in it. It’s more an art than a science, true, that is why it is often handled badly. It is harder to do than putting some data into SPSS. You need high intuition for human emotions and high intelligence and even historical knowledge to understand the “climate” of the times a patient was raised (or his parents). Obviously, most of you autistically-inclined guys here would have major problems with understanding “feelings” and “emotions” since everything is “alpha male fucking the girl” Conan-The-Barbarian narcissistic fantasy. Human evolutionary psychology is mostly a failure at this point, you must be honest about that, it doesn’t explain mental illness in a satisfying matter – and not even basic human behavior. Since we are just starting to begin to understand the basics of brain physiology and so on, we are also just at the start to understand the true meaning of memories and the subconscious. With the “brain split” into left and right, the triumph of the left side in the Western world and culture and the problems that result out of that, we are approaching a field much more interesting than allele frequencies and r-strategists (which can be a part of that, but not the major one).


On Gregory Cochran and his “gay germs”

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Gregory Cochran is very smart but he is no genius and I never found much original thoughts in his works, never stuff I hadn’t read someone speculate about before or hadn’t thought up myself. he just digs up stuff that had been buried for a long time. The “gay germ” theory is, of course, absolute garbage. His main problem is that he suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder and does not seem to have any emotions other than the rage that comes up when he feels offended because somebody disagrees with him or he disagrees with something.

You guessed it, I just do not like this pompous guy. I think many of you are attracted to him because you were raised (and broken) by people like him.

Boy, I got some responses. I attacked a deity. “Soros boy” was the most funny when you get to know me better. 🙂 I then wrote some sort of “excuse”: 


Ok, sorry for kicking the hornet’s nest!

First of all, I want to apologize to Mr Cochran, I was pretty rude by calling him that. You must know that a narcissistic personality disorder isn’t the worst thing in the world as long as you can cope with it and do not hurt other people. And yes, many famous people have them, too, and it is a reason for their success. Narcisstic people are often very tragic figures that never hurt anyone but themselves because they cannot match their own standards and even if they do, they begin raising the bar more and more. (It often happens when intelligent people live amongst people that aren’t that smart and at the same time do not over much emotional comfort, so the personality goes into the grandiose).

But I am still pretty sure he has a (mild) case of this, I mean who posts something like this: – yeah, I can understand that many people think Cochran is funny and charming (he is), but that is also often a shtick of people with NPD. He isn’t also as fair as you all pretend him to be, e.g. when it comes to “ethnic genetic interests” he suddenly calls that “garbage”, but that is mainly because it goes against his own personal life, or something. I don’t know. Overall, I sense that he needs his “narcissistic supply” (that is a Freud term, I know people in this sphere hate the dude!) and wants his point of view confirmed. His followers dance around him like children that want to win the love of their father and take his words as gospel. It is actually sad to watch but they do not know it better from their childhood.

But no, Cochran is okay, but he SHOULD learn that he insults people directly and indirectly with much of his stuff. He just “assumes”things about psychology (and yes, I do not think that Cochran has an overly good insight in the psychology of the ordinary people because he is way too much removed from them and reading books is not so much help) and then comes up with stuff like “depression is an adaptation to cold winters”… No, it is not, it’s simply a reaction to psychological terror you endure. Using a little bit of “psychoanalysis” here (which I bet you HDB guys LOATHE), many of you are fixated onto genes because you just do not want to admit that your parents suck and did bad things to you. So it is the devil, or bad genes that turn people into sadistic killers and not the abusive father and mother. Or something.

What rubs me the wrong way is what he and many HBD people do when it comes to mental illness. All you people do is to assume that they have their disturbance because of bad genes. And that is the one and only cause. Genes tend to influence WHAT your mental illness with be (depression, schizophrenia, perversions…), but it is rarely the cause. The cause is usually bad parenting, from violence to “subtle” psychological manipulation that influences your brain in the early stage (think also about mirror neurons). I have encountered countless people with the best genes you could imagine (tall, good-looking, bright) suffering from severe depression because of what there parents did to them (often Lutherans!). No one will ever persuade me that these people are mad because of their genetic load or something. They were driven mad. The human mind is a fragile thing!

“Gay germ” is garbage to me, yes. You turn gay because a combination of genetic disposition. “nutrition” (exposure to stuff, in the widest sense) and… bad upbringing. There is a correlation between having a mental illness and homosexuality, it is there, not so strong but it is there, but I have never ever met someone with a mental illness who had loving parents (most people DENY their bad childhood, it is hard to truly reveal it but it is a top priority!) and then turned out to be gay. Those people were driven mad later in life but did not turn gay but as a child there would have been a chance. So… there is no big secret about how homosexuality can survive when they do not to propagate – most people with the disposition just do NOT turn gay. The difference between me and Cochran is, that I actually KNOW people like that and don’t make wide assumptions.

And then there is this IQ stuff. Fail in life and you have a low IQ. No, does not work this way, I know many people that are truly smart in their bright moments but when they have depression they simply cannot solve the simplest task. And IQ is not the same as applying concepts like abstract thinking (you can read something about that in the works of Piaget and Oesterdiekhoff). That has to be learned, do not learn it until a certain age you’ll never grasp it. But that doesn’t make you dumb. But yes, I agree that the construct that we call “intelligence” is mostly based on your genes (and many other traits, like what I call “emotional sensitivity”) . Like Mr Cochran, I do not believe in massive epigenetic influence – damage can be done to the fetus in the womb, but not by “the past life” but by the feelings and the physiology of the mother. But that is something you people also tend to deny that a child is also nine months there and his development is actively influenced by that.

But then I listened to his podcast again and it kinda “offended” me. 


Okay, my final words: it is well-known that the more sons a women has the more it is likely that the late-born sons turn out to be gay. I can confirm this. So how can this “germ” only act on them? As usual, child neglect is the most obvious cause. Female homosexuality is a little bit different, IMO, as lesbians also tend to have different, more boy-ish bodies than straight women.

Even Mr Cochran admits in his book that there are people attracted to vacuum cleaners. Is there also a “germ” for that? :) So, of course, directing your sexual desires towards humans of the opposite sex must so totally be blamed on a germ! Also, black people are more likely to be homosexuals and Asian the least so… what a strange germ that is… effects certain cultures more and different through time (think about ancient Greeks e.g.) and space but also mostly the late-born sons…

There is no “adaptive value” in most psychological abberations, it’s simply your psyche being wrongly constructed. there is no purpose in homosexuality, no benefit in spreading your genes through siblings… whatever… … really, HDB people – it is ridiculous. There is no secret “sociobiological plan” behind women’s tendency to be pro-immigration by raising “sperm competition” (that sounds more like Freud than you want to admit. they are in no way better than the worst of Freud’s conjecture they just sound more believable because genes are real and stuff… empiricially proven!!), no “genetic disposition” in Jews to act… well… stereotypical Jewish, it’s more the reason of hearing the Talmud and other occult gobblings at and early age… developing your mind is not like developing a limb.

People drawn to HBD where they are taught that their problems come from their genes, not their shitty parents and teachers, and thus making things WORSE for them. I have met people like that. They read pick-up sites, HDB, and were convinced that this is how the real world works and they are just born that way. Which is obviously garbage and also dangerous because you breed the next generation of psychopaths. It’s just what it is. Women are not attracted to you because you are no “alpha male” and do not constantly insult and break their will, no, it’s because you go for the wrong women (physical and psychological incompatible) and are not able to emit and feel true emotions (do not confuse “sexual” and “narcisstic” desire that you want to please by having sex with as many as hot people with your true emotions) and women tend to feel that and you start to have success only with “damaged” women.

HBD also has the – what I call – “the lure of the occult”. It provides you with “secret” and “scorned” knowledge that most people do not have, so making you “superior” and giving you an “advantage”. That attracts certain personality types!

Really, people, grow up and stop running away from yourself.

Preachy? Perhaps. I don’t know. I just think that the HBD crowd is sadly enough, too much of a cult. For completist my post on Cochran’s blog when he reverted back to his homosexuality germ claims:

No, you are wrong, it would not be talked about in transgressive fora, guess what, because it is not talked about at all. Homosexuality is always linked to child abandonment or direct abuse. It is also then linked to masochism and sadism. There could be “gay genes”, that are under normal circumstances responsible for something else, even be positive selection-wise, but turn you gay under certain circumstances. But there is no pathogen that turns you gay, it is just that most people with gay genes do not turn gay.

Most parents treat their children like shit, all over the world, even in the West, to different degrees. Even in the West middle-class I estimate that at least of 40% spend their childhood in mortal fear, the fear of being abandoned by their parents, and that is a biological death sentence that alters your brain structure if you experience it constantly. Western children manipulate their children psychologically. In other parts of the world there is direct violence. In Afghanistan it is common that close relatives rape the boys of the family, and no one cares (no data about Arabs e.g. – but that is because those guys who have suffered it have repressed memories and/or will never admit it, that’s why they turn to Islamistic macho culture and inflict pain into others, and sociologists will not touch these topics with a ten-footpole).

That is the true secret society lies about, and not genes, HBD and pathogens. Everyone knows, subconsciously, that blacks are less smart, even blacks themselves. The general population knows that. HBD is just too obvious and nothing occult about. Child abuse is the true thing that matters and most people do not want to talk about it because it makes them uncomfortable and brings up their own bad memories (people usually think their childhood was “paradise”, being smacked a little is GOOD, but that is lying to yourself in most cases). You will not find empirical studies about this stuff, but that is the same reason why there is so much taboo when it comes to population genetics e.g. – not wanted!


Some of my blog posts


That’s a funny idea but you people are obviously not aware of the works of Otto Weininger (a philosopher) and Max Hartmann (a biologist). The Law of Sexual Affinitiy. As sexes were once equal they got split. Since they evolve within populations, there is always the attraction towards a “full person” that is 100% female and 100% male, which means that masculine men are attracted to feminine women, and vice versae. Since men and women evolve together, this only makes sense, evolution happens WITHIN populations.

There is also the problem of “mirror neurons”, that means you are more attracted to people that look similar to you because you can “mirror” their expressions, which leads to true empathy. The problem of mixed race children is that they fall in-between the lines and cannot really connect to e.g. their mothers, because they have e.g. different facial musculature. That is the first step towards madness and also the reason why there have been studies that Whites cannot feel empathy towards other races. Yeah, because they CANNOT mirror them.

Sociobiologists and “evolution clowns” should take note of that, mating smart people with smart people DOES not result in good things if there is no similarity between them.


Bottom line: those ideas of “attractive” blacks versus “smart” orientals, is not really true since people are still more attracted to people from their own population. This is only distorted by media and other garbage influences.that result in neurotic behavior. Abandon that shit.


You cannot generalize “mixed raced individuals”. Of course, having a Caucasoid facial morphology and black skin is sometimes seen as very attractive, for example. Also, Polynesian+European mixes are often said to be extraordinarily healthy… But there are probably also other mixes that aren’t as good. Think of a very simple example, e.g. you get big teeth but a small jaw at the same time… will result in horrible-looking teeth. And that can happen, and is also a problem of intra-European mixing. In Germany, e.g. high-class East Prussian were expelled, lost all of their property, and suddenly became part of the underclass(!) in the West and South of Germany and mixed with them (so basically Nordic(-East Baltics) were “forced” to get along with less sophisticated “Alpines”/”Dinarics”. Many unbalanced individuals resulted out of that, I am pretty sure.)

Before this “Alpha Male”/”Beta Male” stuff overtook society, it was more about finding couples that “fit” together… but this has been completely abandoned, since the general idea is now mixing smart and attractive people, regardless of anything else…

But yeah, I AM definitely onto something, when it comes to my “mirror neuron” theory. Sadly, I seem to be the first to have noticed that. So, yeah, mixing Chinese women with an IQ of 115 with European men of IQ130 does not sound so good now, judging from that, no matter what “HBD” guys think…


Genetic determinists make me laugh. Actually… being non-schizophrenic seems to be a relatively new condition that is only wide-spread in the Western world. There is no way that ancient child-sacrificing people DIDN’T show a certain degree of schizophrenia… also see: Inca, Maya, Phoenicians. That there is a genetic disposition that works within this continuum…. not sure… MAY be possible. But schizophrenia, like most mental disease, is NOT induced by genes or “biochemical imbalance” but by TRAUMA. That is a secret powerful people want to hide from you, since it is a method of controlling people. This goes hand in hand with children “idolizing” their childhood when it was in fact HELL, especially for kids that were smart AND sensitive. Westerners these days are probably less schizophrenic because of improved child raising.

I wonder if there is some sort of rule/law that says that if you mix warrior-herder people with sedentary farmers you will first get a few centuries of absolute madness that goes through such a society (sadism, and so on), that gets then stabilized into something better (see Rome, Greece, Germanics) and then turns into madness again when that balance gets destroyed.

Whatever, Pumpkin Person, like other guys (Cochran, Sailer) it is important to know that mental illness does not truly work that way and explaining it by “evolution” does not really work out from our current body of knowledge… not saying that it is not possible… but right now sociobiology and so on usually fails when it comes to humans. The problem is, you have not talked to mentally ill people. You just assume stuff because of what you have read on the internet.

The autism-schizophrenia continuum


Collecting this stuff, before writing something new. Do not want my ideas to be stolen by less skilled individuals.