Freud and his HDB friends

Responding to this Sailer article:

That’s a little bit like Stevie Wonder talking about colors. Since hardly anyone of you has any real clue about what Freud had actually said this discussion will be unintentionally funny again. First of all, Freud’s “early” work is pretty brilliant, for the time he was working. He found out that an awful lot of his patients had repressed memories of sexual abuse. He was on a good track back then but as soon as he was revealing his findings to society he suddenly experienced vast resistance and then at some point backed down and came up with assigning those memories as “fantasies”. Austrian society did not want to hear about that a large portion of its members were victims and/or perpetrators of sexual abuse!

Secondly, psychoanalysis was actually the main opposition to blank slate behaviorism that you guys despise so much, until the 70s (and Konrad Lorenz, but modern sociobiologists and HDB people do not really like him, and Ardrey) – most psychoanalysts never denied inborn human differences. But most of you HDB guys are just as weird as blank slaters to me. You honestly think that childhood abuse, neglect and terror does not disturb you for life?

Thirdly, psychoanalysis is NOT dead and is now merged more and more with other forms of therapy. That there was too much dogma in the past is true, but there is certainly a lot of truth in it. It’s more an art than a science, true, that is why it is often handled badly. It is harder to do than putting some data into SPSS. You need high intuition for human emotions and high intelligence and even historical knowledge to understand the “climate” of the times a patient was raised (or his parents). Obviously, most of you autistically-inclined guys here would have major problems with understanding “feelings” and “emotions” since everything is “alpha male fucking the girl” Conan-The-Barbarian narcissistic fantasy. Human evolutionary psychology is mostly a failure at this point, you must be honest about that, it doesn’t explain mental illness in a satisfying matter – and not even basic human behavior. Since we are just starting to begin to understand the basics of brain physiology and so on, we are also just at the start to understand the true meaning of memories and the subconscious. With the “brain split” into left and right, the triumph of the left side in the Western world and culture and the problems that result out of that, we are approaching a field much more interesting than allele frequencies and r-strategists (which can be a part of that, but not the major one).